Surefire SOCOM Suppressors.

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SureFire’s new SOCOM Series Fast-Attach® sound suppressors represent a technological breakthrough in silencer design. Following the most extensive testing and evaluation of suppressors in US Military history, our flagship SOCOM556-RC (5.56 mm) and SOCOM762-RC (7.62 mm) models received contract awards—selected first from all competitors—from the US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM). The same advanced technology is incorporated into every SureFire SOCOM Series suppressor: high-temperature alloy and stainless steel construction, improved gas-flow dynamics, and a patent-pending front-plate design. The result is virtual elimination of first-round flash, reduced back pressure that lowers suppressed cyclic rate and gas blowback on the operator, and unprecedented reduction of sound and dust signatures, core elements of SureFire's Total Signature Reduction™ (TSR) concept. Improvement of our exclusive Fast-Attach system provides even more solid mounting to weapons than previous models via SureFire muzzle brake or flash hider adapters, and allows easier detachment after extensive firing. All SOCOM Series suppressors feature minimal size and weight, fail-safe baffles, extreme durability that permits full-time use, and minimal, consistent shift in the unsuppressed host weapon’s point of impact, regardless of the number of attach-detach cycles.
1. Fast-Attach® System
Improved. Read more in section below.

2. Special alloys
Resist extreme temperatures and gas/particle erosion.

3. Redundant welds
Eliminates loose parts due to heat, impact, vibration, or hot/cold cycles; eliminates crack propagation due to continuous circumferential welds.

4. Minimal weight and length
Minimizes change in weapon maneuverability, stowability, and carried weight.

5. Fail-safe baffles
Designed to let an unbalanced or defective projectile pass through the baffles and travel safely downrange instead of exiting suppressor side walls.

6. Improved gas flow dynamics
Together with patent-pending front plate design, this provides virtual elimination of first-round flash, reduced back pressure that lowers suppressed cyclic rate and gas blowback on shooter, and unprecedented reduction of sound and dust signatures

The original Fast-Attach system has been improved in four ways. First, the locking ring surface is over one-third wider for a better grip during attachment and detachment. Second, the locking lever itself is stronger. Third, the locking lever is now surrounded by a raised section of the locking ring, reducing the already remote possibility of accidentally releasing it. And fourth, modifications to our muzzle brake and flash hider adapters and the suppressor/adapter interface provide an even more solid mount to weapons and allow easier detachment after extensive firing. Individual parts of the Fast-Attach mechanism are easily replaced in the field by a soldier or armorer.
Targets show typical results when SureFire suppressors are attached to a firearm: minimal shift from firearm's point-of-impact in unsuppressed mode, and improved group size. Firearm used: Remington 700 in 5.56X45 mm, 16" barrelwith SureFire MB556K muzzle brake adapter. Ammunition: Black Hills 77 grain BTHP. Range: 100 yards. Center square:1" x 1". First target: 5-round group, no suppressor. A different SureFire FA556-212 suppressor was used to shoot 5-roundgroups shown on remaining targets.