Suppressors (Silencers) are legal to own in Missouri. Our staff will help make buying a suppressor easy. Click here for instructions on purchasing a suppressor.

Below are a few of the suppressor manufacturers we represent. We will be happy to get your suppressor from the manufacturer of your choice whether or not they are listed below. Please contact us for pricing and availability.

Advanced Armament Corp. (AAC) Suppressors

"Advanced Armament Corp. was formed in 1994 by a gang of hardcore weapon enthusiasts who wanted to create the best signature reduction devices on the planet. With our passion for innovation and willingness to challenge the limits of conventional thinking and technology, our commercial and military silencers have quickly become the industry standard. Today, AAC silencers can be found around the globe, giving law enforcement and military forces an essential tactical advantage. Every silencer we create is a product of our proprietary SCILENT™ design process. The process starts with design studies based on input from customers who serve with elite special-forces groups. AAC’s core group of thinkers and designers then work with these concepts in the virtual world of solid-model engineering. After a run through the latest computational fluid dynamics and finite-element-analysis software, our inventions take shape as prototypes which are tested for sound, flash, and durability. Only the most cutting-edge, effective products survive this process and make it to the final product stage." Download Catalog.

AAC Suppressors
AWC Suppressors
AWC Systems Suppressors

"AWC is one of America’s oldest, most respected purveyors of suppressors and tactical weaponry. We take great pride in what our work has meant to the sportsman and professionals who use our products day and night. We listen to what our customers need, and make sure it becomes a reality. Our work in development has never stopped and for good reason - our developmental success is why a majority of suppressor shoppers become AWC clients for life."

Gemtech Suppressors
GEMTECH Suppressors

"GEMTECH began in 1993, as a supergroup of already-leading suppressor designers with roots in the silencer business going back to 1976. Mixing this old-school experience with modern CNC and robotic construction methods, honest business ethics, and a customer-first attitude, GEMTECH has grown year after year, proving itself over time while other companies with their "lifetime guarantees" came and went. You will rarely hear anything other than the highest praise for our customer service and general lack of internet drama -- We do our job quietly and do it well: Designing, testing, manufacturing, servicing, and selling the best quality silencers and accessories at absolutely fair prices."

Silencerco suppressors
Silencerco Silencers

"Silencerco was formed in 2008 with the intent to create the best silencers by thinking outside the box and by solving problems in unconventional ways. The founders thought the only way to make a foothold in this competitive industry was to bring new products to the market only if they were a significant improvement over what was already available in competitors’ products. Silencerco has a mission to continually focus on improvement, innovation, creativity and problem solving. "

Surefire Sound Suppressors.

"Suppressor designs have remained pretty much the same for nearly a century—a steel tube with internal baffles that provides some sound reduction. Never satisfied with the status quo, SureFire literally went back to the drawing board. The result is a family of sound suppressors that utilize cutting-edge designs, advanced metallurgy, and precision manufacturing. Suppressors that make fulltime use not only possible but desirable."

SWR Suppressors.

"SWR products are high quality, high performing suppressors. They are made from the best raw materials available. Each piece of stock we receive is put through rigoris testing to ensure proper specs and quality. All of our product is manufactured in house with the best machines available on the market to ensure perfect tolerances. Our quality control is second to none. Our metal finish holds to mil-spec requirements. Our assembly is done precisely and accurately, and when the product ships to our dealers, it's done with carefulness. I guess that you can say our products, from conception to the end user, are highly controlled, checked and rechecked to ensure perfect quality and then backed by a lifetime warranty."

SWR Suppressors
Tactical Solutions Suppressors.
Tactical Solutions Suppressors.

"The World’s premiere rimfire company located inBoise,Idaho. Tactical Solutions has been producing world class rimfire products since 2002. Our innovative products are the highest quality in the industry and are widely used by top competitive shooters."

Thunder Beast Suppressors
Thunder Beast Suppressors.

"Thunder Beast was formed with one original goal: to make the best sound suppressor for precision and long-range shooting. Based on our experience in long-range, practical, competition, and sport shooting, we've optimized our suppressor designs for accuracy, light weight, and durability while maintaining best-in-class sound suppression levels. Accuracy is our number one priority and we don't make a suppressor we wouldn't take to competition or into the field, period. We strive to offer exceptional customer service, quality, and integrity."

Suppressors (Silencers) are legal to own in Missouri. Our staff will help make buying a suppressor easy. Click here for instructions on purchasing a suppressor.