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Merkel Firearms.
Available Merkel Models:
Merkel Model 140-2.1 500 Nitro Express Side By Side Double Rifle. $13,995

Merkel’s Safari rifles are perfectly designed for the stringent demands of hunting dangerous game. Details such as the open sights and the design of the triggers are based upon one hundred years of experience producing these specialized hunting rifles. The Merkel Model 140-2.1 Safari Grade Box Lock Engraved features full coverage hand engraved African game scenes.

Merkel Model 147EL 20ga Side By Side Shotgun. $7,195

The famous English Gunmaker, Robert Churchill said "A Gentleman should always buy he best gun he can afford". Side by side shotguns enjoy great popularity and not only with traditionalists. The classic lines of these fine guns seduce through elegance and finesse. Merkel side-by-sides underline this with a classic English straight-hand stock without pistol grip or cheek-piece. For game shooting, this side-by-side is a light, remarkably well-handling gun, with outstanding performance characteristics.

The Merkel Model 147EL Boxlock 20ga Side by Side Shotgun Features Hand a engraved game scene on a silver-greyed receiver and a Turkish Walnut Stock.

Merkel Model 280EL 28ga Side By Side Shotgun. $7,695

The Merkel 280 series side-by-sides are perfect for those who prefer lightweight and elegant small bore shotguns. The action is built on a smaller scaled 28 gauge frame, with a slim stock profile with matching grip and forearm.

The Merkel Model 280EL Boxlock 28ga Side by Side Shotgun Features Hand a engraved game scene on a silver-greyed receiver and a Turkish Walnut Stock.

Merkel Model 2016CL 16ga Over and Under Shotgun. $8,495

These classic over and under shotguns are perfectly designed for hunting or sporting clays. Steel receiver with Kersten cross bolt, modified Anson-Deeley locks, single selective trigger, manual safety with intercepting safety sear, stock with semi-pistol grip.

The Merkel Model 2016CL Over and Under Shotgun featuresArabesque scrolls on case-colored receiver.

Merkel Model K2 Weimar 7mm RM. $15,995

The single shot ‘Merkel’ with the legendary Jäger tilted block breech – conceived and patented in Suhl in 1906. This breech action is extremely rugged and long-lasting.
Another special feature is the finely tuned adjustable trigger where trigger weight can be adjusted using a small lever located on the trigger guard. Single lock hand-cocking system with an automatic safety device that, while opening, automatically de-cocks the gun. The lock is cocked only immediately before the shot by means of the easy-to operate thumb slide and is then ready to be fired.

The Merkel Model K2 Weimar Single shot Carpathian Rifle features an octagonal barrel and hand engraved game scene.

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